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How to choose tile for the bathroom

Despite the fact that the bathroom is the smallest in the house, its repair when this is not without difficulties. And often Vice versa, may be the most time-consuming and expensive relative to all other rooms. The thing - in tiled tile, which requires careful and meticulous work. It is worth remembering that the tiles should be pleasing to the eye and remain in good condition for a very long time. Would you whenever Sette to make repairs in the apartment, chopping it, and alter the lining of the bathroom.

What should be the bathroom tiles? When choosing tiles and its customers, it is worth to note what requirements it must meet:

Be leakproof;
The color tiles should not over time be clouded or fade;
She must endure temperature changes;
It must be chemically resistant to common household substances.

What to look for?
The floor tiles, to all of the above must have a good Nasterea surface, plus ought not to scratch, because the bathroom is not excluded visits in street shoes. Can not escape the presence of sand, dirt, etc. For the floor would be the best granite - modern finishing material with high qualities and resistance to external damage.

Bathroom is very relevant sharp contrast between the tile floor and tile walls. But he has to justify himself. For example, the addition of items bathing interior or the color of the ceiling. Or you can make the floor and walls the same color, but different shades. In General it is better to first decide the color of the tiles, and then with the color sanitary ware and other items of interior bathroom. What to say about the thickness of the tile: tile used on the floor, should not be thinner than 1 cm, on the wall better on thinner - 6-9 mm. And of course, the choice always use the manufacturer's recommendations.

Types of ceramic tiles
Ordinary ceramic tiles varies mainly according to the method of manufacture. There are bicolore, this tile is inherent in the double firing. This tile is used for lining the walls in the bathroom. Enamel this tile has protective properties and copes with external influences. Its disadvantage is that it is porous and less durable than other types. Therefore, it is mainly used for decorations interior. Such tiles are not suitable for sex.

Monocottura a tile with a single firing. It has higher strength and go for the walls and floor. Monoporosa - tile single firing, applying the glaze. It is less durable.

The most practical and high quality of these three tiles clinker. Moisture resistance, easy maintenance, resistance to aggressive environments - its features. This type of tile is made from different types of clay. In clay add flux, fireclay and dyes. The firing is carried out once, making high strength.

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