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How to set up the beacons under the plaster with your hands

Putting beacons under the plaster with your hands
In this article I would like to describe a method of plaster on beacons. What beacons for plaster? Beacons for plaster - this is a very long guide profiles, the length of which can reach 3 meters. In turn, the beacons for plaster are of various kinds. It should say immediately that there is no reference beacon for plaster. Each fits a particular person as much as he needed. No more and no less.
So there are iron beacons, the beacons of the special solution, string lights, and so on. For a complete description would require a separate article. So, focus on them we will not stop.

The cost of plaster on beacons, of course, depends primarily on the amount of work. Typically, the repair people zashtukaturivayut at least one room.

Of course, it is worth considering that the price plaster walls on beacons, and also depends on what type of plaster is applied. As will be considered and the type of work, that is, simple plaster will be cheaper than plaster with cleaning and preparation of the working surface. Is, of course, be noted that the price plaster walls on beacons with the help of special equipment, though less, but is done at a higher level of quality than manual work.


How to set up the beacons under the plaster
Separate attention should be given to this question, how to set up the beacons under the plaster. This issue is very important. Because if improperly billed the lighthouse curve will be the whole wall.

It is necessary to know some things, compliance with which will greatly facilitate the installation of beacons and further plaster walls. Plaster under the lighthouse should be carried out strictly according to the instructions otherwise you are unlikely to get the desired result. Speaking about the technique, it is worth mentioning the location of the first nail, it should be at a distance of 30 centimeters from the top and corners of the wall.

Question how to install the beacons under the plaster, and still are to this day, because this type of plaster is becoming more and more common every day.

How are beacons for plastering walls
For placing beacons there are 2 common ways: how to put beacons under the plaster on the solution. After preparing the surface before plastering in the upper left corner of a wall hammered a nail or dowel, he is driven to the end, but remains above the surface exactly as much on what thickness you plan plastering the walls. Typically, this thickness should not be less than 1 cm and it is in ideal conditions, when the wall is relatively flat. After the first nail is mounted in the lower corner hammered second, exposing between the vertical using a level.

To cope with this procedure, repeat it in the corner of the wall to be plastered. In the next step between the upper nails and opposite the lower stretch 2 threads on a diagonal wall. As the threads are tightened and between between the top and bottom nails. You need to verify that the wavy part of the wall will not extend beyond the plane of the threads, otherwise the operation is repeated on more behind the walls of the nails. It remains only to make installation of beacons under the plaster, but more on this below.
The second option of placing beacons under the plaster is not much different from the first, however, it should be considered separately. In this same way are nails in the corners of the treated walls , then on each side between the nails should be fixed beacons under the plaster , the length of which is slightly less than the distance between the top and bottom nail. After the beacons will be installed between them stretched the thread that will help us to set intermediate beacons under the plaster.


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