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The walls and ceilings of plasterboard. Pros and cons

Advantages and disadvantages of drywall
Characteristics drywall is different. Has the usual water-resistant, but like any building material, both types have their own characteristics, and, more precisely, its pros and cons. For the visual differences of conventional and moisture resistant plasterboard their pasting it over the cardboard of different colors. Conventional gray, and moisture resistant green.

The drywall itself is able to "breathe". Too humid air it absorbs moisture and releases it when the indoor air is very dry. Thanks to be in that room is very cozy and comfortable. Another big plus drywall is noise and soundproofing.

Working with drywall
In the process of working with drywall special difficulties arise, as it is very easy to cut, and you can do any operations that depend only on the desires and fantasies. He easily takes shape with proper hydration and easily bent. At moderate hydration, core sheet (gypsum) becomes soft, and wet cardboard with careful handling is not torn.

The fragility of gypsum panels is also its disadvantage. During operation and particularly during transport need to be careful , carefully and gently apply to this material. In no event it is impossible to hammer in the nails out, and something to hang on the walls and ceiling needs with great care and in compliance with special fixtures. Dust and chips from the material may cause itching and irritation. Therefore, working with drywall should be carried out in goggles, a respirator or protective mask. Premises where work is underway with drywall, should be well ventilated.

This material is one of the most frequently used in the production of suspended ceilings. It is very light compared to others, which is much easier labor when working with him. It does not require additional alignment has good ability to absorb excess moisture, easily and conveniently lends itself to any kind of treatment. To mount lighting fixtures on the ceiling of plasterboard is not any difficulty.

The material used for the decoration of the ceilings in any room, regardless of their destination, except for areas with high humidity.

Disadvantages of plasterboard
Regular drywall is "afraid" of excessive humidity. So do not use it, as was said above in rooms with high humidity, as it can easily deform. In these areas it is recommended to use water-resistant drywall, but it does not always retains its original design. Therefore, the walls and ceilings of plasterboard in these areas is not appropriate, you need to consider other materials to solve your problems.

And in conclusion, I would like to say that the gypsum as a building material, has certainly more pros than cons. And this may explain the growing popularity among consumers.

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